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The destructive weakness of the majority of SEO campaigns is too much emohasis on tactics, rather than strategy. A crazy battle for links or pursuit of keywords can get you good traffic, but not the traffic that turns into potential buyers or e-commerce revenue.

As long as the primary goal of an SEO company is to generate potential clients or revenue, we strive to build each campaign within a strategic framework designed to maximize the quality of traffic from the website it generates. Follow our detailed, staged look at the methodology behind our SEO strategy services.

The Stages of an SEO Strategy in Details

1. SEO Entities Definition & Setup

The setup is designed to collect important information to carry out the preliminary analysis and develop the right strategy.


SEO Entities Definition & Setup

Static Content Structure

Ongoing Content Strategy

4. KPIs & Goal Setting

Our SEO Strategy service includes the following elements in a single report:

  • Detailed keyword research

  • In-depth competitive analysis

  • First-pass website review

  • Recommended SEO action plan

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This SEO Strategy report will give you all the insights and understanding needed to make the right decisions on how to enhance the visibility of your website in search engines and where to concentrate your SEO efforts. We also provide ongoing strategic SEO consulting to guarantee you are on the right way and help you implement SEO improvements.

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