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About Revart

Revart is a leading manufacturing company producing prototypes for companies in the early stages of product design and development. Its abilities encompass plastic injection molding, 3D printing, CNC machining, silicone molding, and urethane casting.


Our strategy was to produce and market long-form content, optimize on-site conversion and keyword targeting. Due to the technical nature of the Revart business, we have created complex, in-depth content on a wide range of highly specialized production topics.

Key Tactics

  • Promotion of leadership in the industry through the publication of on-site technical blog content.

  • Demonstrated competitiveness and relevance due to the long-form service page content designed for industrial engineers.

  • Obtained relevant links to the websites and blogs related to engineering applying the freshly created long-form service page content.

Proven Results

Over the past year, organic conversions have jumped 750%, demonstrating the significance of conversion optimization.

  • 682%

    Website traffic has increased by 682% since the start of our SEO campaign.

  • 425%

    Our redesigned website footer improved Revart’s contacts conversion.

“Our business has a very specific niche. SEO Agents has done an excellent job researching the prototyping industry and offering very promising results, not what every agency is capable of.”

Matt Davis, Revart's Co-Founder

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