The USER-First Process

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1. Understand

Prior to brainstorming, we have to get grip of the main objectives. We do this in different ways, but the result is always the same: we learn the basics like your goal, brand identity, industry in whole, your competitors, strengths, weaknesses, struggles, and more. Then we define specifics such as project targets, deadlines, communication guidelines, and technical requirements. The ideas gathered here will serve as the basis for our mutual work and partnership.

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2. Strategize

Based on the initial understanding, we divide the project into immediate needs and expected impacts in order to create an effective roadmap. There are many various ways we do this: functional specifications, digital auditing, design drawings, and so on. We work with you and each other to establish the minimum viable requirements needed to quickly bring your product to the market, as well as to ensure that your digital strategy is aligned with your creative vision, technical functionality, and business processes.

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3. Execute

Driven by the strategy determined at the previous stage, our expert teams work closely to present your brand to your users. As a high-tech digital agency, we will keep in touch with you throughout your whole project process and will report you about the progress and inform any potential pivot points that may result in growth. Your team and ours will always be aware of what's happening and why.

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4. React

Our work does not stop after the launch; quite the contrary, the process repeats once more. Following the representation of your brand to the world, we delve into user data to understand wins and define new possibilities which will enhance the next round of performance. By listening to real user reviews and tracking new trends in the industry and digital technologies, we maintain your competitive advantages and bring the maximum benefit to your business.

The Methods Behind Our Work

  • Digital strategy

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  • Creative direction

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  • Agile development

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